Concussion Management

The Pinnacle Sports Medicine team uses an integrated team approach to concussion management. First, the injured patient will be evaluated by one of our specialists, who will provide a comprehensive evaluation, including neurocognitive testing.

Next, our team of specialists, physical therapists and medical providers provide their input to determine the best plan of care and timeframe for the patient to return to his or her activities.

The safety of the patient/athlete is our priority when dealing with concussions. At Pinnacle Sports Medicine, we use neurocognitive assessment tools and services, such as ImPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) to scientifically validate concussions.

Safe Play Concussion Care

interior-youth-footballA concussion is one of the most prevalent and dangerous injuries an athlete can suffer in a contact sport. The Louisiana Youth Concussion Act (ACT 314), is very specific regarding education, training, and prevention of this very serious issue. Aimed at helping coaches, parents, and athletes reduce the risk of sports-related concussions, Act 314 creates a uniform education, training and return-to-play protocol for concussions in youth athletes, 7 through 18 years of age.

In an effort to maintain the highest standard of safety for your student athlete, our experts at Pinnacle Sports Medicine are proud to offer the first of its kind program in our area called the SAFE-PLAY CONCUSSION CARE PROGRAM. Our program utilizes a return-to-play/academics protocol and management strategy in accordance with the Louisiana Youth Concussion Act” (Act 314)

Pinnacle’s SAFE-PLAY CONCUSSION CARE PROGRAM, provides parents, coaches, and student athletes access to a team of experts trained specifically in the management of sport-related concussions. Our sports injury specialists and athletic trainers are trained in the evaluation, treatment, and management of sport related concussions. In addition, we utilize base line ImPACT testing along with the most current technology to provide a comprehensive concussion management solution.

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Our SAFE-PLAY CONCUSSION CARE PROGRAM follows concussion management standards and accountability for all athletes, including:

  • Education and awareness
    To raise awareness of the dangers associated with mismanagement of concussions and brain injury suffered in youth sports.
  • Baseline testing with Impact
    To utilize ImPACT base line neurocognitive test to determine the level of functioning prior to any brain injury. If an athlete sustains a head injury, he or she would be re-evaluated within a few days after the injury and would receive subsequent follow-up testing as necessary. Read More about ImPACTImPACT (Immediate Post Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Test) is a computer based program that evaluates brain function through computerized cognitive testing. This program is used to assist in determining the severity of the injury and monitor recovery. ImPACT is utilized by all NFL teams and other elite professional, amateur, and academic institutions.
  • Sideline Evaluation
    To establish educational standards for team trainers, coaches, parents and administrators on the recognition of concussion and brain injury symptoms.
  • Access to trained concussion medical providers
    To ensure that any youth athlete who is suspected of having suffered a concussion or brain injury is removed from play immediately and appropriately evaluated.
  • Safe return-to-play
    To monitor each athlete and make a recommendation on return to play once their cognitive testing scores are normal and they are no longer symptomatic. We use objective computerized cognitive testing as well as other neurocognitive measures in making a return to play recommendation.