Pinnacle Medical Network now offers regenerative medical treatments. These treatments are non-invasive and done in an office setting.

What is Orthobiologics

For many years autologous blood product, or blood components derived from the patient and then delivered to a point of care, have created growing interest for use in a number of orthopedic procedures. The aim of technologies like ACP (Auto Conditioned Plasma) is to provide physicians with a method of providing levels of beneficial growth factors for use at the point of care.


Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet- Rich Plasma (PRP) is found in the blood supply. It contains healing and growth factors that the body uses to naturally heal injuries. These factors aid in the repair of all types of tissue including tendon, ligament and cartilage. Recent research has found that concentrated PRP can accelerate the healing of damaged tissue. Common conditions treated through PRP include:

  • Chronic Tendon Injuries such as tennis elbow, Achilles’ tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and patella tendonitis
  • Acute Ligament and Muscle Injuries
  • Early Osteoarthritis

Pinnacle has partnered with a nation leader in PRP treatment to bring the latest and effective technology to our area. Through a process of flow cytometry, nigh concentrations of healing factors are isolated from the patients blood. These are then injected to the treatment site. The whole process is performed it the office in less than one hour.