Pinnacle Human Performance Center

168-sport-photo v2The goals of every coach and athlete at every level of competitive sports are to develop a consistent, winning program and to help each of their athletes reach their full potential. At the Pinnacle Human Performance Center, we can help athletes, coaches, and teams get to the root of performance challenges and achieve performance goals.

In conjunction with the experts at D1 Northshore Sports Training and the Pinnacle Human Performance Center, we utilize cutting edge technology to test individual performance and monitor how much an athlete excels at certain tasks- Speed, Flexibility, Physical Endurance, and Strength. Our team of Sports Training Specialists, Athletic Trainers, and Sports Medicine Experts can then provide the tools to help each athlete reach his or her full potential.

From highly technical performance testing to advanced drills such as sport specific and position drills, to full blown testing as well as educational events, D1 Northshore Sports Training and the Pinnacle Human Performance Center, has it all.

Our partnership with Pinnacle Sports Medicine ensures each athlete the highest of quality care, service, and training. Our unique programs not only improve performance by building strength and power, they also identify, diagnose, and address areas of weakness and instability to help decrease the potential for injury while accelerating gains in strength and performance.

Choose the Pinnacle Human Performance Center to take your game and performance to a whole new level!