Sports Medicine Specialists

interior-sports-medicine-mdSports medicine specialists at Pinnacle Sports Medicine provide a coordinated team approach to the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of injuries sustained by professional, amateur and recreational athletes. This multispecialty approach to care provides patients access to a broad range of expertise and Sports Medicine services.

Sports medicine specialists are involved in prevention and education to enhance care and performance of athletes. Pinnacle Sports Medicine offers sports education programs for health care providers, coaches and athletes. Our Certified Athletic Trainers also provide contract services for middle school, high school, recreational districts and leagues, as well as professional athletes and teams.

Sports Team Care

A critical component to any successful team sports program is to integrate sports care and training for teams of all sizes. Now more than ever, Pinnacle Sports Medicine is being relied upon to implement robust Injury and Concussion Prevention Programs for all athletes. Through our network of orthopedic professionals, physical therapists, and athletic trainers we provide comprehensive assessment and treatment to keep you healthy and in the game.