Patient Education Information

Pinnacle Medical Network makes every effort to provide current and important information to all patients to make an informed decision about their treatment. Below are several links in addition to the information on our website to help you.

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Joint Pain and Treatment Options

Pinnacle Orthopedics has a fully equipped facility for comprehensive care of your bones, joints, ligaments and muscles. Read more of this detailed presentation including:

  • Questions your doctor may ask regarding your medical history
  • An explanation regarding your physical exam and diagnostic testing
  • Non-surgical options and treatments including injections to reduce pain and inflammation
  • Recommendations for diet and exercise
  • Aids to help you in your recovery(assistive devices, medications and nutritional supplements)
  • Physical therapy to get you back to your normal activities
  • Diagrams and explanations regarding knee or hip joint replacements
  • Your anticipated recovery time

Total Joint Replacement

Our talented team of doctors, specialist and physical therapists work together as team to rid you of your pain and discomfort. Read more of this presentation regarding:

  • Understanding the causes of Joint Pain
  • Your treatment options
  • What Joint Replacement Surgery Involves
  • What your realistic expectations should be after Joint Replacement

Sports Medicine and Team Care

We have an integrated team of doctors, specialists, physical therapists, and athletic trainers who help athletes recover from team or individual sports injuries. Read more to find out:

  • What is Sport’s Medicine?
  • Which are the most common sports injuries?
  • How to prevent sports injuries.
  • What are your treatment options?

Physical Therapy

At Pinnacle Orthopedic, we believe in the benefits of physical therapy and how patients can assist with their own rehabilitation from an injury or medical condition. Read more about what physical therapists do and what to expect during your visits:

  • How to prepare for your first physical therapy visit.
  • What to expect during your first detailed examination
  • How you can help your recovery by not disrupting the rehabilitation or treatment plan. 

Patient Education Materials Disclaimer: The information above is provided to help you further understand bone and joint ailments along with various treatments. This information does not replace the advice or counsel of a doctor or health care professional. Pinnacle Medical Network makes every effort to provide information that is accurate and timely, but makes no guarantee in this regard. You should consult with, and rely only on the advice of, your physician or health care professional.