interior-d1-logoD1 Northshore Sports Training is The Home of Athletic-Based Training. We consider everyone who walks into our state-of-the-art facility an elite athlete. Regardless of your experience level D1 will help you take you to the next level. Including the best Northshore Boot Camp, Personal Training, Sport-Specific Training, Speed Training, and Strength Training.

Rookie Ages 7-11

D1 Rookie creates a foundation in coordination, athleticism, body-weight exercises and proper running technique in a positive environment.


Developmental Ages 12-14

The D1 Developmental curriculum focuses on progressing athletic movement with introduction of speed mechanics, weight lifting and spotting.


Prep Ages 15-18

The D1 Prep curriculum is designed to develop strength, power, speed and agility using Olympic lifts and advanced speed dynamics, mirroring a Division 1 collegiate program.



D1 helps collegiate athletes prepare for their upcoming seasons by taking their physical skills to the next level and maximizing their performance.Collegiate athletes typically train at D1 during the summer and winter breaks. D1 serves as the official strength & conditioning programs for select universities.


Adult Strength Training

You don't have to be an elite athlete to benefit from D1 Sports Training. Many adults still have goals of improving speed, strength, and agility. However, priorities shift over time to overall fitness and general health.D1's Strength program provides men and women with a motivating, team-oriented environment to train, lose weight and get in shape.

Throughout the training program your coach will meet with you personally and privately to discuss your progress, which is tracked throughout the training cycle. D1 Strength is a fun and unique way to look and feel better.


Pro Athletes

Pro athletes in sports ranging from baseball, basketball, football to soccer come to D1's state-of-the-art facilities for expert training, privacy and an environment in which they are accustomed.Athletes making the transition from college to the pros utilize D1's facilities and knowledge to gain an edge entering their first training camp or spring training, in hopes of making an immediate impact for the team. Veteran athletes seek out D1 for off-season training and injury prevention in hopes of extending their careers.


Personal Training D1-on-1

Are you searching for a personal trainer to help you achieve your fitness goals? D1 Sports personal trainers will help you achieve those goals throughout our D1-on-1 training program.The D1-on-1 training program provides you with a D1 personal trainer that will develop a program specific to your fitness needs. At D1, our trainers focus on using time efficiently, providing accountability and delivering measurable results.


Sport-Specific & Strength Training

Sport-specific strength training programs are fundamental to an athlete's development and success. Long gone are the days when coaches shunned weight lifting for fear that it might hinder the performance of fine skill and correct technique. It's now accepted that high levels of strength are a prerequisite to superior speed, power, strength endurance and overall sporting performance.
A well designed strength training and sports performance program is the most effective approach to strength training for any sport. Not only does it help in the prevention of over training, it gives the athlete the best chance of peaking physically at the right time.

Different Types of Strength Training

Unlike bodybuilding, where the only aim is to increase the size and appearance of muscles, strength training programs for sport ultimately must develop either explosive power or muscular endurance. However, rather than immediately embarking on a program to improve either or both of these fitness components, a more effective approach is to first build a solid foundation. The following are the different types of strength training:

  • Basic Strength
  • Hypertrophy
  • Explosive Power
  • Muscular Endurance

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Family Memberships

The D1 Family Program offers your family unlimited athletic-based training for one low, monthly fee. For ages 7 through adult, D1 provides conveniently scheduled custom training for age groups: 7-11, 12-14, 15-18, Collegiate and Adults. Regardless of skill level, D1 will help your family begin and continue to live a healthy lifestyle.

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D1 “Off Ramp” Program

The specialists at Pinnacle Orthopedics and Pinnacle Physical Therapy have combined efforts with D1 Northshore Sports Training to create a new and innovative program called the D1 Off Ramp Program. This transition or “off ramp” process allows patients, athletes, and workers to continue their recovery and healing while reaching their fitness goals by moving into a Medical Wellness Program.

All too often, patients will complete their Physical Therapy treatment to find that they made great gains and still want to continue their training and medical wellness success. Now, they have the opportunity to train with the highly recognized physical fitness experts at D1 Northshore Sports Training while also benefiting from the in-house Clinical oversight of the specialists at Pinnacle Medical. The value and benefits can be at a reduced cost which benefits the patients directly.

For insurers, employers, and workers, the D1 Off Ramp Program can easily serve as a robust and well established “work conditioning” program. Our team of Orthopedic and Physical Therapy specialists are highly recognized experts in managing “return to work” and “fit for duty” programs.

Benefits of the D1 Off Ramp Program:

  • Allows a patient to continue to receive the benefits of exercise and therapy in an alternate, cost effective setting
  • Provide training and techniques to transition into a personal medical wellness program
  • Direct clinical oversight by Pinnacle Medical providers
  • Workers benefit from accelerated “return to work” and “fit for duty” determinations

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