January 11, 2016

D1 Squat v2

The specialists at Pinnacle Orthopedics and Pinnacle Physical Therapy have combined efforts with D1 Northshore Sports Training to create a new and innovative program called the D1 Off Ramp Program. This transition or “off ramp” process allows patients, athletes, and workers to continue their recovery and healing while reaching their fitness goals by moving into a Medical Wellness Program.

All too often, patients will complete their Physical Therapy treatment to find that they made great gains and still want to continue their training and medical wellness success. Now, they have the opportunity to train with the highly recognized physical fitness experts at D1 Northshore Sports Training while also benefiting from the in-house Clinical oversight of the specialists at Pinnacle Medical. The value and benefits can be at a reduced cost which benefits the patients directly.

For insurers, employers, and workers, the D1 Off Ramp Program can easily serve as a robust and well established “work conditioning” program. Our team of Orthopedic and Physical Therapy specialists is highly recognized as experts in managing “return to work” and “fit for duty” programs.

Benefits of the D1 Off Ramp Program:

  • Allows a patient to continue to receive the benefits of exercise and therapy in an alternate, cost effective setting
  • Provide training and techniques to transition into a personal medical wellness program
  • Direct clinical oversight by Pinnacle Medical providers
  • Workers benefit from accelerated “return to work” and “fit for duty” determinations