Conditions We Treat
Whether it is shoulder, elbow, back, hip, knee or foot pain, at Pinnacle Medical Network, we heal what hurts!
Urgent Orthopedic Care
No appointment needed. We offer you FAST-TRACK access to our coordinated team of specialists as soon as you walk in the door.
Physical Therapy
Licensed physical and occupational therapists offering movement based programs to specialized services.

What Is Pinnacle Medical Network?

Pinnacle Medical Network offers you a wide range of medical services at one integrated center of care. We treat patients from all walks of life and all ages, whether you are affected with musculoskeletal injuries or a chronic condition, such as arthritis.

By combining the knowledge and expertise of our orthopedic and sports injury specialists, physical therapists, clinical technicians, coaches and athletic trainers with the most advanced technological equipment, Pinnacle Medical Network helps you return to your daily routine of work, sports or play.

We are South Louisiana’s premier system for musculoskeletal health care and we are dedicated to your complete care, from assessment to full recovery.

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Pinnacle’s Board Certified Orthopedic Specialists offer prompt exams, expert diagnosis and medical treatment for bone and joint fractures, sports injuries or osteoporosis related conditions. We have restored the health of athletes, adults and children for decades. Whether your pain originates in your shoulders, knees, hands, feet, or other areas, our doctors can help you to live an active, pain-free lifestyle once again.

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Orthocare Clinic

FAST-TRACK, "no appointment needed" access to our Orthopedic Specialists so that you receive prompt and convenient care for non-emergency bone and joint medical conditions.

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Sports Medicine

Pinnacle Sports Medicine relies on its network of orthopedic and sports medicine specialists, physical therapists and on-site athletic trainers to provide you with a comprehensive assessment and a full range of treatment options. We address all levels of sports injuries from preventative and non-surgical steps to highly advanced surgical procedures. Our Sports Medicine Specialists are dedicated to minimizing an athlete’s downtime. So whether you are a student athlete, weekend warrior or someone who just wants to return to your game, let us design the best treatment plan to fit your needs.

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Physical Therapy

Offering rehabilitative and physical therapy services, our therapists provide world class treatment in a patient focused setting. By tailoring a treatment plan to fit your individual needs, we help you quickly return to work, play or your daily activities.

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On Site Medical Imaging

With our state of the art equipment, including our WIDE OPEN High Field MRI imaging center and advanced xray diagnostic testing, our board-certified physicians can pinpoint diagnosis and provide you with an individualized treatment plan. At our Integrated Center of Care, we offer quick access to accurate diagnosis and comprehensive treatment for those who suffer from chronic and acute pain.

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Diagnostic and Imaging Services

Radiology and Clinical Specialists who utilize state of the art technology, including advanced X-ray technologies and our new WIDE OPEN High-Field MRI, to bring you unmatched patient comfort and clinical results.

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  • “Thank goodness! Needed immediate help…X-ray, met with doctor and sent on to Physical Therapy! Thanks to Dr. van Deventer and his staff and to Shaun at Physical Therapy! Feeling better!”


    D M
  • “We love Shawn and Joe!!! My daughter’s knee is great and she has no problems. Thanks so much!”

    C P
  • “Amazing Staff! I would not trust anyone else for rehab! They treat you like you’re the only person in the room”.


    S C
  • Greg and the team at Pinnacle Physical Therapy are awesome! Where else can you go to get such great care and have so much fun?…..I’m doing great!

    Anna B.
  • Our family has been patients of Dr. Chandler for years. Our daughter broke her arm and she would only see him. I am glad that Pinnacle Medical could see her quickly and Dr Chandler did a great job

    Emily S
  • Dr. van Deventer is the best! He spent a lot of time with me explaining my problem. I felt a lot better knowing things weren’t so bad. My physical therapy went great and I feel better than ever. Thanks Pinnacle Medical!

    Tyler W.
  • I am so glad my sister recommended Pinnacle Ortho to me. Not only did I get to see them the same day but they were able to begin treating me immediately. I will recommend Pinnacle Ortho to all my family.

    Wendell F
  • After my son hurt his knee playing football, we were worried that he would not be able to play sports again. Dr. Rudd was great! He helped our son heal and get back to playing with no more problems.

    Sarah F.
  • I started having hip problems at a young age. When I went to see the doctor I was glad to know that I didn’t need surgery. They helped me get better and now the pain is gone

    David H.